Events through September

I thought the summer would be quiet but it turns out there are several events and the next few weeks will be quite packed. As I now contribute to a radio show on both Tuesday and Wednesday I will try to link this to the content, maybe through pre recording something.

Next Wednesday    Visit Seale Hayne     Access All Aerials     find out more

25th June Wed      Customer Focus  Deming SIG in London   

what do the listeners expect from FM? what sort of system surrounds it?

9th July   Mobility Live    , an online event

start at desktop, afternoon explore wifi Exeter

16 / 17 August   Beer Festival Seale Hayne 

how to do a chat show at a beer festival? previous attempt in Exeter Castle not yet resolved

4th September  Systems Thinking Deming SIG Manchester

11th /12th Sept  Gathering on Organising and Managing across boundaries

these two may fit together or may contrast I think

October  November there are events that usually form part of the calendar but have been cancelled. Cross Media would continue from IPEX. Online Information survived as a conference for a couple of years. I will try to relate to something online. The Mobility Live event could be a good test for how online works out.

One aim is to continue with #mtw3 , an online version of Management Theory at Work. More on this later. this blog will try to link things together at various dates over these months.