#mtw3 revives as sideline for Organising Across Borders

Not sure how this will work but it is possible that the online aspects of #mtw3 will be revived around the time of "Organising and Managing Across Borders", a conference organised by AMED at the Work Foundation on 10th and 11th September. As explained in previous posts #mtw3 is a continuation of conferences on Management Theory at Work. so far there has not been a suitable occasion for a real space version though the Work Foundation is the obvious spot to continue discussion from Lancaster that originally included academics and practice. AMED has the description " developing people, developing organisations" and is the Association for Management and Development. I guess it will be mostly about practice but the theory aspect of #mtw3 might fit in as well. I think this will be explored online over the next few weeks.

The dates in the previous post show how this might fit with other occasions. I am getting quite vague about time and space but it may just be a sunshine drift sort of thing. Radio is getting to me as well as I realise I am just in a studio talking about somewhere. See YouTube and twitter for more about this - @will789gb should find it.