#mtw3 revised document shows outline agenda

There is a revised Google doc for the content of this event - copied out as txt below  in case the LINK fails to work-

#mtw3  version originally 14 Jan for the phase Jan - Mar 2014


updates in italic , June 9th, needs more explanation for people who did not see it before


Search John Burgoyne on YouTube / Soundcloud


this will find versions of keynote ( may also need #mtw3 )


The #tags show the streams / issues that follow on. See headings in LinkedIn group




We have linked to a Buddhist conference in Brussels see http://www.bububrussels.blogspot.co.uk/




we looked at Design Science as in Learning and Sustainability








In the recent edition of a Manager’s Guide to Self Development the question is asked why web companies do not consult with business schools. No answers so far but no suggestion that they do.




Not a priority till more people use virtual worlds. However the conference is organised by Linda Shelton who is based in Twinity. ( Will Pollard is her contact in the world of Google etc. )




Knowledge Unlatched is part of innovation at the Work Foundation. This topic has expanded to include all forms of publishing that might result from the conference. This is a suitable conclusion and links back to the keynote themes of the learning organisation reconsidered with online technology.



review before and after BETT / Learning Technologies  (end Jan )  and IPEX ( end March )


(#Publish is a new tag)


Since IPEX I have become more aware of the “Internet of Things” , linked devices such as cars and thermostats. At IPEX, mostly a print show,  there was interest in 3D printing and also printed circuits on clothing or any object. The internet previous to this may be called an internet of content. At least the loop in the structure above could be stable enough for a while as the changes in publishing continue.


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