@ArethaFranklin @CliveDavis found news anyway but reply still welcome

Experiments with Twitter continue. I realise you may not get a reply but in theory you can ask anyone a question.

Recently I sent a tweet to both Aretha Franklin and Clive Davis. It struck me that there was no news about Great Diva Songs. This CD has been spoken of during most of last year and I thought was out sometime this summer.

Now I find an online report from the New York Daily News that answers my question. 

  • So far she has recorded five of the 10 tracks with producer Babyface. Danger Mouse was supposed to oversee the others, but he had a prior commitment to produce an album for Martina McBride and had to drop out. So Franklin will work up the remaining tracks with Andre 3000 of Outkast. She hopes to finish speedily and get the album out “A.S.A.P.,” as she puts it.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music-arts/aretha-returns-new-york-feeling-article-1.1825997#ixzz34ia41JMq

That extra link just comes in automatically.

So I think I shall carry on Tweeting as remote interview. If only as a reminder or what to search on next.

Current problem is to find out more about Andre 3000. Have found a couple of tracks on YouTube but some words such as could not broadcast on FM. Suggestions welcome.

as is any other info on Great Diva Songs


My colleague Jon Mahy would like to interview Stevie Wonder so this is a Twitter topic for now. My guess is that somebody will respond but maybe not in ways we expect

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