Trust, reuse, sound clips, radio

The Leuphana course on the psychology of negotiating a shared commons is going ok except that the group discussion is not really taking off. This may be my fault for getting into YouTube tech too quickly. But it is only at the where is the menu option level. and Creative Commons is a case in point. I am beginning to realise the ideas around it have got lost somehow.  Maybe too much advertising to keep the concept in mind so although there is some high level support for the legal theory it is no longer possible to communicate.

Anyway it struck me that as much of the content for the course is on YouTube I could try to interest some people I meet face to face sometimes. Next week I will see Jon and JD as part of the Wild Show and We Don't Know. Also we plan a visit to Seale Hayne to talk to Access All Aerials. So this could end up as some form of radio or sound clip. Some of the Leuphana videos have the Remix button so we might end up with a new edit if we find anything to say worth repeating.

Some links

So the second assignment is where we are round about now. Radio is full of illusion. There appears to be a commons of back catalogue available for FM but this depends on a flow of funds for the rights. Social media is full of ambiguity. I once thought it was ok to load a cover version to YouTube if the performer was ok with it but this may not be the case. On the Wild Show we think we can use a clip from Access All Aerials and they may include the Wild Show on their 24 hour stream. So this should be ok. Still worth a discussion every so often to check what is possible.

Later , round about the first week of August, I will leave Exeter heading east not west. Sidmouth Folk Week is partly in the open air or the pubs if raining. Many tunes from long ago so probably out of copyright. I assume that loading anything to YouTube is ok. But notice this is possibly with people I have never met before. Usually ok but I hit trouble when I get back to Exeter.

If there was a clear guide on how to negotiate a sense of commons it might make life a lot easier.