Management Theory at Work the 2001 schedule, PDF now at Scribd

I have now found an original printed timetable from 2001. Scanned as PDF and loaded to Scribd.

I think this will work as a PDF you can add comments to when viewed in Adobe Reader. Or add comments to this blog. We can now get into more detail as to what the issues were in 2001 and what to consider over the next few months. 

What strikes me is that the opening keynote raised questions about a "virtual, knowledge-managing, Learning Organisation" but they were not actually resolved. Partly because the technology imagined was not available. Mostly I think because Chris Grey's take on relevance had more impact in the concluding phase. A lot of theory has since related to critique and academic conferences that practitioners attend have become scarce.

Another thing is that virtual worlds were included then even though they are still not much used in formal learning plans. I notice this will be part of the Learning Technologies Summer Forum. Maybe the first Management Theory at Work conference was dealing with technology that was not ready at the time but is now more obvious. The difficulty is to select the issues to concentrate on that still need to be explored.