Trying out boundaries to link #mtw3 and Organising Across Boundaries

It still seems promising to link online #mtw3 with the real event from AMED - Organising and Managing Across Borders. See the previous post for a 2001 schedule for the first Management Theory At Work conference. AMED is about "developing people, developing organisations" but maybe some academic ideas are not seen as immediate. I don't know but hope to explore more in this blog. I now think that the Management Theory at Work mix of participants was an exception. Most conferences are either for practice or academics. At the time I thought Chris Grey had diverted the conversation but maybe it just went back to normal, with a slightly different reason for academics not to engage.

I'm not sure what "across boundaries" is supposed to mean. I have tried out a couple of drawings. The "set" is some actual space to record sound or video, or just talk if there is need for privacy or rehearsal.

Google docs   one     two  

You should be able to download the jpegs or find the Google Docs . Any form of text also welcome. The idea of a "set" is a space to generate mp3 or YouTube etc.