Creative Commons, Leuphana Course, video from Respect Exeter

Just notes at the moment as I am trying to check the videos from Respect in Exeter over the weekend. A lot to look through.

Meanwhile I find that there is not enough feedback from others on the course to think that a project for Leuphana on the commons would get done on schedule. So I think I will make it a discussion with others I work on for the Wild Show and We Don't Know on Phonic FM. There is a real application in that we sometimes borrow content from other radio shows. We are protected if this is fair comment but sometimes we borrow say ten minutes at a time. This is still ok with friends but we need to discuss who our friends are.

Then for example see the previous post about versions of the show with Clive Chilvers. some of the tracks he selected are from local groups who do not have a major label contract. Should we include them at greater length as promotion? We have a sampler CD from the Respect Festival. Other tracks recorded live. There is a sort of process of trying things out, I don't load a completer performance to YouTube. selecting Creative Commons is only for the talk.

The Leuphana course is not only Creative Commons but they have enabled the Remix button. I may take out a section later when I understand it better. I like the idea of "commoning", the emphasis on verbs. Someone should do an edit and mix just to show what is possible.

TED talks are Creative Commons but there is no YouTube Remix button I can find so far. The talks do appear to be so tightly edited and considered it is not inviting a remix. Just my impression. I hope the talk with Clive Chilvers is a bit more open in format. On the Wild Show there could be more talk around these issues.

So the project I will work on is around how much content we can borrow as sound for a local FM radio show, what forms of video we can spin off, what space we regard as part of our community. ( Over the summer we may travel as far as Seale Hayne and Sidmouth)