@wenotno We Don't Know show missing archive Cindy (Folk Mix)

Today the show went well except for the recording which fell over I think. It may turn up later. Phonic FM between 12 and 2 on a Tuesday. It started as an attempt at R&B but we quickly realised we do not know what R&B is. so @wenotno on Twitter.

I play some tracks from CDs so mostly long ago. Jon Mahy just uses his iphone which works ok and takes up a lot less space.

Main talk item from me was about Sparkle and Cindy (Folk Mix). Previously I have tried to promote the 2012 remake of Sparkle. I think both the original sound track and the 2012 one are excellent. Written by Curtis Mayfield and then some extra by R Kelly. Since the story is essentially Cinderella I worked out it could be remade again for a folk scene. Maybe easier to relate to South West England and then go back to Sparkle. Did not get far with this last year but I recently met the Sound of the Sirens and they may have time to look at a script in October. They are fully booked for time over the festival season.

(Last year we did a radio version of DJ Buttons with Scatman. Just needs a few more bits and pieces before an edit.)

So this blog post takes the place of a clip from the sound archive. Better linking of blog and FM when we get the recording more stable.