Leuphana Trust Games, as in going outside the site

I've been away for a few days, taking some texts on a stick. So I have been reading some extended sources, not just skipping video. Meanwhille, as I discover getting back to my desktop, the team I was trying to start up has been discontinued and I have been moved somewhere else to a team about nothing I can discover except the timetable requires us to complete several trust games in the next couple of days. I have very low expectations that this will happen. I do not think the deadlines are helping the MOOC. I would much rather the group I was trying to promote had been allowed to continue but I think I have been thrown out of it. The OLDS MOOC was a better design I think with the Dream Bazaar allowing us to explain and discover so that groups had some basis.

So I hope to complete enough txt to stay on the course, but actually for group discussion I will continue with people I work with on radio shows. The issue of Creative Commons and YouTube is relevant for us. I think it would interest others on the Leuphana course if there was some design of the site through which I could explain the project without it being sidelined.

more later