Guardian losing plot re vlog, campus bias may face challenge

I think the Guardian may be reaching a challenging phase when the online aspect is putting on enough pressure that the print bit either changes or looks just a bit out of it. Somehow time scales are getting closer together. On citizen journalism there is a time lapse between the not very funny series that apparently amused proper journalists and then later the courses in how to do citizen journalism, only a few hundreds of pounds and based at Guardian HQ.

But now we get quite close together, the Guide suggesting that "Vloggers are brilliant" as one of those obviously wrong sort of statements.  "We Defend the Indefensible" then the courses to include how to pitch radio ideas. Only 39 quid this one, three hours of an evening.

Thing is, radio is going the same way as the novel or anything else. Will Self has written frankly about the university courses in creative writing, jobs and income for people who no longer expect to be paid for writing. Will new radio shows come from pitching and commissions? why not look at vlog or online sound ( video or podcast not much difference )

The Guardian has not had much reporting on the MOOC. Very strong on the campus idea. But this could be an area where the online offer of content and discussion is an alternative to the formal course.

I don't think the Guardian will change any time soon towards a model that respects the audience. But there can be something related that makes more sense online.