Customer Focus, Deming take on marketing, event / YouTube

There is an event coming up from the Deming SIG at the Chartered Quality Institute. The emphasis is on "Customer Focus" and this continues the project from the MoSO model to find ways of connecting Deming ideas to current interests.

The date is quite soon now - the 25th June - but if you can't attend there is a promotional clip on YouTube that has much of the content in outline.

This is tightly packed, it will take a day to explore this, but there is a lot here. It may be possible to follow up some of the discussion online. There is a Facebook link comes up when you book by following this LINK.

There is a description that reached me through email -

You are invited to attend the following eventGrowth Through Customer Focus

 In today’s environment, attracting customers – and keeping them – is the key to growth and sustainability. Crucially this includes understanding the total customer experience, and constantly improving it.

At every stage of their experience of your goods / services they are valuing or judging quality, i.e. how well their needs are being met. A focus on customers creates a virtuous circle of satisfied customers who will come back and tell their friends about the great experience with your product or service. 

This loyalty is the key to success through improving margins and ensuring survival.

 A focus on the total customer experience offers a joined-up way to tackle the current big issues facing organizations;Well-beingCSR and Sustainability – social, economic and ecological.

In this interactive workshop, we will look at what makes a great customer experience, how great organisations deliver it and what customers’ needs are.

How can you leverage the total customer experience within your organization and keep it going.

Help you develop a “What are you going to do on Monday?” starting point.

Two aspects are most interesting for me. How will the content online promote the events and/ or expand the conversations around them?

Also will there be much time for looking at statistics as part of marketing, especially online? It seems that the new version of ISO 9000 has not got as much emphasis on a systems approach or Statistical Process Control. Perhaps this is assumed to be easier for use in services industries. But as marketing moves online it becomes more usual to model the intended flow between forms of content and to use analytics to evaluate what actually happens.

Aspects of Deming sometimes seem to disappear but then they come back again.