radio, @wenotno #WildShow as design, quality, learning

I seem to be starting some summer drift, various things are a bit vague or partial.

Meanwhile the radio shows work ok as FM. I now contribute twice a week except when i can't make it - We Don't Know on a Tuesday and the Wild Show on a Thursday. Works ok as Communication and I realise this is easier than print. The London College of Communication includes sound as part of the mix. So I am part of an actual situation where there is also some sort of quality / design approach and also some learning. I don't think there can be a full quality system but we have arranged to drink coffee before and after the actual shows. this could develop in away that could be audited or at least a trained auditor is welcome to visit.

The learning is now mostly about how to get a recording. It gets more complicated as it appears but maybe next week it will just be another obvious.