Drama Hour next week and sound from Thursday

I will try to edit the talk with Simon Egan into sensible chunks for the Drama Hour this Thursday (9-10 Phonic FM 106.8 in Exeter) but it may take two weeks to cover it.)

Missing facts

The studios at Exeter Castle were called Artspace. There is more info on the Phonic website including podcasts of interviews with the artists.

The genre of music Simon was trying to find on his phone is called Vaporwave. So far I have listened to some that could be in a relax space but there is also some that might be suitable for dance.

Thing is, not only is the story teller on holiday but also JD for next week as well. When he gets back the sound levels will be more sensible but also he may query my taking up a whole hour with conversation. So I will try to balance things out with some music.

Also I will ask JD about the 80s and what he makes of Vaporwave. Seamless progress into the Wild Show.

So far some quick versions

YouTube video from 5 years ago updated with better sound from Thursday

Then three versions of the sound, depending on how long you have to listen

The full version

A shorter version starting with copyright

Shortest version, starts with 80s music