Wonderful Time in Earls Court

This is from yesterday, doing an edit on the talk with Simon Egan and looking at the Guardian Review. Print culture continues and I could not make out what Malorie Blackman meant by "reading". There is not enough of it but is reading from a screen included? Previously she had some doubts about the e-reader devices but confessed she once read a comic behind a newspaper just to confuse the teachers.

Anyway she is at YALC this weekend and I realised Earl's Court may be another location for my play or whatever based on Having A Wonderfiul Time. This is going to start with the basement in the Phonenix here in Exeter but could work with the higher floor at Earl's Court or the Platinum Suite at Excel should Earl's Court vanish one day.

You need at least three characters, A doorkeeper at the top of the stairs to the Phoenix basement or the start of the escalators. Two punters, one enters the space for creative culture, one stays behind and notices that nobody is coming back. Actually there is an escape route but also a non disclosure agreement so nobody realise this until the situation changes depending on how many of the audience follow punter #1 and what they do about the non disclosure.