Video shuffle ahead of beer festival chat show

Summer lull is a good time to reflect. I am working through existing video on YouTube and getting ready for the beer festival at Seale Hayne  in mid August. I started a sort of chat show for youTube about five years ago around the Beer At The Castle event organised by Exeter and East Devon CAMRA. This was how I got into the Phonic studio, starting as a guest.

The storyteller is away at festivals so I am covering an extra hour for the next four weeks. I may have some guests to continue some of the questions I have been asking or seem to crop up. Mostly it revolves around copyright or restrictions on how something can be publicised or reported. Trying out local video requires some examples. So far it turns out to be mostly ok to work with sound or video for music performance. However visual art is still very different. This includes animation.

So I have some video and photos that have not yet been edited. Not sure what to do with them. The projections onto buildings during Animated Exeter have been sort of Creative Commons but maybe not, often vague about the soundtrack. I'm not going into details but maybe this would be possible. Depends who wants to talk about it. In general I think there is a gap for an event that was explicit about Creative Commons and invited derivative work or social media, whatever you want to call it.

Similar with the performance for this city's centre. Is theatre unique experience at the time? Could the video in the RAMM have been just as relevant on YouTube? soforth.

Meanwhile still talking to JD about using an 80s soundtrack and looking for visuals. We have discussed Laura Kikauka's take on irritainment a few times. The failure celebrated at Spacex was a failure of public taste. It could have been a set for a chat show. so maybe we just start with the soundtrack and look for graphics.

I think there will be a guest tomorrow about 9 but more on this later. Phonic FM is online at or 106.8 in Exeter area.

Meanwhile here is an edit of an interview with Jo Gedrych from just before the previous beer festival chat show. I think he still would like a local cable channel and the limits of Youtube are still there. He may send us a new clip or soundbite but not sure where he is

This was edited from previous with the Remix button on YouTube. To enable this you have to choose Creative Commons . This one is a bit longer but some issues still much the same.