Quality academic papers seem to be outside UK

I got an email from Academia.edu with highlights from the week. They have got this about right. If it were not for the Seale Hayne beer festival this weekend I would soon study these in detail ( see copied description below).

One thing I notice is that none of these are from the UK. On the Academia site I have put links to four of my papers at conferences in Lancaster. I find the connection between learning and quality is hard to make in the UK as the Critique stream as established quality as something to object to. They probably see these papers below as neo-liberal rhetoric or managerialism.

The one on the Spellings Commission includes a take on Deming. It considers a range of views on where US universities are heading, but at least Deming ideas are included.

This may be a random sample but my impression is that there is more inclusive study around quality outside the UK than I usually come across. In practice this will mean more looking online than UK travel.



Professional Practice Quality Assured
by Dr John McManus

Software quality assurance is not a black art but basic good management practice that complements sound technical skill and experience - and it is finding increasing interest among software developers as customers and users become more demanding.

Landscape of HEI and Quality Challenges in AEC 2015
by Shawyun Teay

AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) 2015 envisaged the goal of regional economic integration of the 10 ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nation) economies by December 2013, under 4 main pillars of which it claims to have achieved 73.6% of its targets. MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and ADB (Asian Development Bank) statistics, researches and reports painted a different picture of the awareness, degree of readiness, and its socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural in the ASEAN members. This paper aims to look at the overall AEC 2015 country’s readiness; potential...

Adoption of Integrated Management System (IMS) by Construction Firms in Pakistan
by Rehan Masood

Construction firms faced multi-faceted challenges to adopt standards due to unique operations in comparison with manufacturing firms having repetitive processes. Management systems (quality, environment and safety & health) in firms helps in development of standardized procedures and operations which are beneficial to get high performance on construction sites. Integrated Management system (IMS) is based on management system related to quality, environment and safety, which enhance the performance of firms and projects as well. This study aims to investigate the...

Neue Formen der Qualitätssicherung: dialogische Evaluation in Lehre und Studium
by Nadine Merkator

The Spellings Commission Report: An attempt at policy determining standards of quality for American universities
by Fernando Padró


should find these ok, sorry no time for links