Martha Reeves / Can't Wait Till Summer Comes

This is just a post a bit longer than a Tweet. I think maybe Martha Reeves looks at the tweet herself.

Starting with an apology. I realise the summer is almost over. I should have done something much earlier.

Previously I have loaded a couple of videos based on the performance just before Xmas last year at the Phonenix, Exeter. I realise we need to do better productions if the performers are going to feel ok about this sort of thing. My friend Jo Gedrych has been trying to move towards a proper local cable channel with better cameras. I'm not sure this is going to happen by the way, still trying to work out how to best use the phones.

Anyway I meant to put Jo in contact with Martha Reeves in case they could work out how to do a video for I Can't Wait Till Summer Comes. This could be a release for Feb or March next year or any year assuming the video was already done.

I think Jo is in the south of France. Good location for some beach scenes but not sure where Martha is. Jo can be found through Facebook. Martha Reeves is @MARTHAREEVESvan on Twitter.

If too late for sunshine this year, maybe sometime. Any links welcome, needs some summer clips.