Questions for Clive Davis re Aretha CD

This is  away to explore Tweets as interview. Maybe it is not surprising that the We Don't Know show has had no tweets in reply from Aretha Franklin or Clive Davis. We maybe have a few hundred listeners in Devon UK. But maybe Anthony DeCurtis will say something. He is a journalist and tweets about something. But I notice he contributed to a recent Clive Davis book. Maybe he won't ask too many questions off message.

There are a couple of things he could be asked. I got the impression from early news items about Great Diva Songs, or whatever the CD is to be called, that it would include divas such as Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. But I have not heard of any particular songs in recent coverage. Has the decade focus moved forward? Is this because Clive Davis has a longer view than the rest of those involved ion the decision? Don't get me wrong. I think the Rod Stewart project with the great American songbook was entirely valid. But there is something here worth exploring.

Also as Executive Producer why did it take so long to find producers who would stay involved? I may have got wrong information but I have heard that both Dangermouse and Don Was were involved at the beginning. Now there is no info on any tracks they have done. Did something go wrong? Is there a Babyface / Andre3000 approach which others do not fit?

The event is on October 1st so I guess there will be info after this. Tweeting and blogging are both ways to ask questions. Sometimes new information turns up anyway.