The #gadgetFM box and the missed deadline

Very unfortunately the deadline has been missed for the Future Gadget project that is part of Gadget Show Live. I thought it was the end of this week but have become confused. The project will continue anyway as an idea. The outcome may turn up anyway.

I did get as far as the video required. This version is over the 2 minute limit but not by much.

Originally there was an idea for a raffle, but then it seemed that one box would be enough. This will sit in a radio studio with cable into the desk. It will have wifi or Bluetooth or whatever is needed to connect with any phone or device in the studio. Also it has storage as well as recording and connection to cloud services.  This includes a check on lyrics so that any request will be identified as dodgy if it should not be broadcast.

The main point missing from the video is the app on any screen that allows for a mix. There has to be some control as well as the mixing desk that is the main part of the studio.

There were intended to be two versions, a fairly chunky box that looks right in a studio. And then later a smaller one that is much more mobile. It could just connect with the Cloud so there is no need for an FM broadcast system.

So far this has been talked about around the Wild Show and @wenotno , both on Phonic FM in Exeter. Also Access All Aerials is based at Seale Hayne and there is no FM signal anyway. There is no formal engagement from them in #gadgetFM but they could test things out if there is an actual prototype.

During the #mtw3 ( online version of the conference Management Theory at Work ) I have exchanged tweets with China Manufacturers (@chinasourcin ) I will try to get them interested in this as a box may already exist.

With Chris Norton from the Wild Show and Jon Mahy from @wenotno I will be going to the Gadget Show Live. We will look out for sound topics. Most of the energy seems to be with video but the issues around sound may be sorted out fairly soon.