Trying out video in Exeter, next few weeks

Recently I have been trying to work out how to move forward with video on YouTube or somewhere similar. There is a limit to what can be done with a Kodak Zi8. There is speculation that YouTube may offer a subscription channel later this year that would avoid advertising, but it may just be for music. This could finance a higher level of production but would need more formal arrangements with the performers.

The sound in the Phonic FM studio is good so I have done several clips that are just sound. Moving to a studio with reasonable lighting might not be too difficult.

Meanwhile I am moving more towards a phone camera so production level not much different but there may be a gain in speed of upload. This is going slowly though as I am not really familiar with smart phones and also wifi speeds are not fast enough for video at any length. Twitter is starting with 30 sec and mine so far are shorter that have actually loaded same day.

I also work on YouTube playlists sometimes including my own but mostly sequencing ones from other sources. This seems to work better than Creative Commons and remix. Not many people understand how this works. A playlist leaves the edit choice to the viewers, especially as the clips get shorter. The events coming up soon may be suitable for a playlist if enough video turns up. Any link suggestions welcome.

Mama Stones Band at Food Festival

Not sure what has happened since the venue closed. But they are advertised for two nights. So there should be some links to info and future events.

TEDx Exeter

Official video takes a while to appear. Informal video may have to wait on meeting local speakers later. Last year issues came up around coding and education. Is the web still dangerous? Can computer application still be studied? Maybe look at local schools later

Twisted Ink

Andy Brock has invited me to video his interviews during this event. Not sure if we can include music performance. The daytime events take up much of the Phoenix where there is reasonable wifi so it should be possible to upload a few clips on the day as well as record for later.

Melissa Greener

Somehow a restaurant launch is enough to justify a visiting performer from Nashville for quite a small audience. Again not sure how much can be recorded but there are several videos already on YouTube. Conversations could be interesting. Why country to launch a Viking theme? Is there a business model that can be repeated?

Pyrates at Sorry Head

There are enough performance videos already. A few more maybe ok. But again conversation is the thing. Somehow the band is surviving. What is the role of video as promotion for future gigs. Do they still believe in piracy now they have a stock of CDs to sell?

A playlist might include clips from other spaces and times. This is where video is heading. Next few weeks in Exeter just to clarify what is possible.