My scope concentrates on #mtw3 / radio for the next few months

This site is now a sort of background for Pulse on LinkedIn. There I try to be reasonable definite about proposals and often relate to some evidence. This blog is a bit more specualtive and includes things I am just thinking about without always getting very far.

The event in August for a sort of face to face version of #mtw3 is taking some shape. It will be based around the Youtube clips from a talk by John Burgoyne so following on from a keynote, but also including a case study around radio. See the previous post on this blog. The Pulse post will be similar but with more detail on the situation around radio. I realise that my own interests have changed. I started with print and text but now spend more time on Phonic FM and sound edits for social media. There ncould be some time for print publishing towards the end but more likely a look at social media as promotion.

There will be theory around Design Science. I notice this is included in management writing and also learning. Previously I have concentrated on formal quality systems and ideas from Edwards Deming. So far I have found that it is not easy to gain acceptance for casual video around these topics. But Design Science is not as closely defined by a professional or academic group. So chat on radio is more likely to happen. My colleagues on Phonic FM can get an idea of what Design Scince is about even if they insist that what they do is art and mostly improvised.

The event is at the Bikeshed Theatre in the second week of August. Most of the day on Wednesday but also as part of radio on Tuesday and Thursday. If you cannot be there then consider creating a sound clip or video. Even txt will fit in somewhere.

More later when the main Pulse post is ready. There could be some detail in this blog on ISO 9000 revisions or the System of Profound Knowledge but try to just think about Design Science and radio, or some sort of review that could cope with where sound is heading. Try "Design Science DJ" as a search on YouTube. Mostly from a while ago but updates soon.