Radio Chat Show / face2face version of #mtw3

For the first two weeks of August the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter will close normal operations. Phonic FM has been offered the space to try out forms of performance as a benefit opportunity. Following the March version of #mtw3 as an online only sequence I have requested a couple of slots for a sort of face to face event.

This is not intended as a normal conference. The main aim is to end up with better video and sound recording. There will probably be studio versions before and after. On Wednesday the 12th August we have access to the bar between 12 and 6 , then the auditorium between 6 and 9. There will be recording at both, all as Creative Commons. Bar conversations could be deleted but the auditorium will be regarded as live radio even though we don't know when or if it will be broadcast.

The timings are very misleading as there are no breaks for food or drink. this is more of an outline based on how the LinkedIn topics and YouTube edits have worked out. Six hours on six topics-

1. John Burgoyne talk as a sort of keynote. Already on YouTube as a complete hour or in several topics. Assume most people have already seen this but there is still much to discuss.

2. Design Science could be a theory to link learning and management. Diana Laurillard has written on teaching as a design science. There has also been discussion in the British Journal of Management. Also I find there is less established curation than with topics such as systems or quality. So casual video and a chat show approach are more easily accepted.

3. At the time of the second Management Theory at Work conference Bronwen Rees was based at Crucible Research, offering a form of alchemy. She is now at Incubatio, there are links to articles on the website, including one about ethical enquiry. I don't think she could be at the event but we could trace papers over recent years, several open online.

4. Radio as case study is a link with Phonic FM and others, some are online only already. There is speculation that over the summer there will be announcemts about forms of online radio, including possibly YouTube and Apple. How can an FM studio adapt? How to fit in with social media?

5. The first Management Theory at Work closed with a look at relevance for universities, suggesting that critique was a more suitable role. In July there will be a meeting about the website - - intended for feedback and possible changes. This could be seen as a quality process if quality ideas were withing a critique scope. Possibly some form of design science would be considered.

6. The video clip on publishing has had by far the most views on YouTube. Any conference concludes with looking at what to do with the papers/ text as well as now tyhe sound and video. Print publishing is not changing as fast as music and radio but similar issues crop up.

This is a potentially a lot to cover in an hour a topic but we don't know who will turn up or if there will be enough for each one. The bar has a lot of space so there could be more than one at a time.

The evening has the same structure except that each topic takes half an hour or at least  enough time for a clear video statement. Could be much shorter. 

This is a draft as of early May. It could change a lot. Also there could be links to other events and recordings that are played on the day. There is WiFi but apperently best to work from downloads.

See the playlist for lighting tests. The bar is ok, and there might be extra lighting in the auditorium if suitable.