3D diagram of design as a design brief #mtw3 #mosocoop

The Wild Show is going well for my interests. The mp3 from yesterday on the current NeoReplicants show is ok but will take a while to edit. Meanwhile I am thinking again about a previous discussion turning the studio into a 3D space with the four walls used for sensibility and analysis, part of or apart from nature. The floor for sediment, ceiling for disruption. Not sure I have remebered this exactly. the book is out next year.

I am finding out more about 3D worlds such as Twinity and objects through scans and Sketchup. I think it should be possible to have a 3D model of a radio studio. So it has about 4 or 5 chairs, various sound inputs and a mixing desk. The walls, floor and cieling each have textures or images to indicate something. Avatars can be described on three scales depending on where they are. The chairs need some sort of feature that adjusts the height.

More detail may emerge during next year. Prototypes welcome.