Folk songs and CMS #mtw3 Wild Show Sidmouth

Looking at YouTube for an update on the Design Envelope ( see next post )

Found this, also uploaded by CMSorg

The book is out in April, no date shown for paperback, the hardback is about £50 so head for your nearest academic library.

No video on the performance that I can find but this is from Sidmouth

from the CUP info-

The first part of the book discusses how widespread cultures of singing at work were in pre-industrial manual occupations. The second and third parts of the book show how musical silence reigned with industrialisation, until the carefully controlled introduction of Music While You Work in the 1940s. Continuing the analysis to the present day, Rhythms of Labour explains how workers have clung to and reclaimed popular music on the radio in desperate and creative ways.

Here is a video on Music While You Work

During next year the Wild Show on Phonic FM may look at this sort of thing. Anyone can phone in or email with a request. 10- 12 on a Thursday morning. I usually do the first half hour but Chris is often open to suggestions on content. Links will turn up on this blog, some of the previous stuff is on YouTube.