Adobe and Acrobat, not much news

I am still puzzled about Acrobat 10. Also the Adobe share price is a mystery. Why did it fall on growth results?

A Forbes blog suggests there could be an upside as Creative Suite will continue to hold market share

However, there remains risk to our estimates. In the future, Adobe may not be able to deliver incremental software features that are compelling enough for buyers to upgrade and such failures could further hurt its market share. There could be a downside of 5% to the $36 Trefis price estimate for Adobe?s stock if its market share were to decline to around 38% by 2016, instead of around 42% that we forecast.

Thing is, no mention of Acrobat. just Photoshop Dreamweaver Indesign, and Flash. The technology platform has been Postscript and PDF. Maybe this was long ago. Maybe Acrobat sales don't matter in any model.

but in terms of compelling features to upgrade, should there be some sort of story about PDF and Acrobat if 10 is expected this year?