Adobe and four layers of mud - draft #BETT_show

This is a start on trying to outline a timescale for technology. There will be a better version around the time of BETT. Not that Adobe will be at BETT I think but they have been previously and it is always an occasion to check things out.

At Learning Technologies there is another floor for Learning and Skills where a less digital world continues. There is still interest in print and InDesign for example. Upstairs the Adobe approach continues Macromedia emphasis on Flash. So it suggested some evidence for a future archaeologist concluding this was on some sort of sequence.

Recently Adobe has turned to analytics and marketing. I am still not sure what this is about. It seems to be structured from some other place. It is not clear how it fits with existing connections with Adobe. There was very little about this at Cross Media Live for example.

I also think there is another layer of mud for virtual worlds but the timing for this is muddled. I vaguely remember Adobe Atmosphere and looked it up on Wikipedia. 

Atmosphere existed between 2001 and 2004. It was software to create worlds. Maybe a business model selling land would have worked better. Maybe it was too hard to produce a stable version at that time.

I don't know in any detail what is happening with Twinity. Linden Labs are launching new products for mobile. Some sort of 3D world is emerging.