Time shifting and radio, Wild Show this Thursday, Scatman, Spacex

When we looked at the design envelope I was probably at the disruptive end of one axis, close to the ceiling. JD and Chris are closer to the sediment on the floor, they keep to the idea of a radio show in real time. Of course this will continue.

But clips on YouTube or Soundcloud or somewhere makes sense also. This week I will be in London on Thursday but plan A is for prerecording to cover the first half hour. Interview with Scatman with added tracks. I happened to meet him earlier today and have been invited to his show on Saturday. So I will have to leave Spacex fairly quick after the talk. Should be ok but I think talk about galleries will not have much space on the Wild Show till next year. Apart from keeping up with Scatman we have the Phonic benefit party to promote.

Assume most things subject to delay but follow up for later.