Adobe at Cross Media Live, video on video and PDF #CrossMedia2012

Here is a start on video from Cross Media Live.

I think this is such a large event it will take a while to edit and think about it. Most of the ideas are not new but they are unusual in a print context. The return of Adobe may be because although Adobe has not changed much the balance of issues around IPEX has shifted.

Still no news about a new Acrobat but good to see something by way of promotion. And the print side of Acrobat was mentioned towards the end. ( This is just a straight upload, there will be an edit with the start of this talk later )

Video seems to me to be the main innovation, quite different as a form of communication and the level of bandwidth needed for distribution. TV could go the way of music and print, but not so soon.

Another thought, what would HP have shown if they had been there? Talk of phones and tablets there was plenty but I don't remember HP being mentioned.