Imagined Bandwidth - Exeter / Islington

Mr Cameron said: "Let me explain what this reshuffle is all about: it is not that there are two economic departments in our country, the Treasury and business.

"I want every single department to be about the economy. I want the transport department building roads, I want the communities department building houses, I want the culture department rolling out broadband, I want the agriculture department backing British food."

I heard this as a clip on the Today show. This is very interesting. Can we imagine broadband? Is art part of PR?

Thinking of one example. There is a large BT building in the middle of Exeter, not far from the Phoenix. Could we imagine that broadband was possible in an area close to it? I have tried this sort of thing before but now seems to be a good time to try this again.

We can always send a DVD in the post to somewhere else. One thing I noticed in the Business Design Centre during Cross Media Live was the fairly slow connections for the web demo and the tone of the remarks, especially from people usually working outside the UK. The upside of this is that for events Exeter could compare with Islington even if there is a magic roundabout for very special occasions.