Adobe at Learning Technologies #LT11UK the return of Macromedia

This week at the Learning Technologies show I expect Adobe will mostly show Flash. It was a Macromedia stand originally so this is maybe not surprising. But it may seem more coherent with the rest of the event. Maybe it is just me expecting more on flat pages and book culture. But the other stands seem to be about big screens, HTML5, video conferencing etc. 

This may be why there is limited interest from academics and formal education. I noticed on the Networked Learning Conference website last year that text was assumed. It was not easy to embed video or even graphics. The Learning and Development scene in organisation seems to find it easier to use a range of media. This could be why they find a clearer case for saving money. The universiites are still undecided on how much resource to committ. 

I will try to keep an open mind about Adobe and take in the stand as is. Last year the InDesign training was from another source on the floor below where it seemed like another world.