Adobe in vague time slots, technology draft take 1

This is a first attempt to outline a history of Adobe such that better sense can be made of the Cross Media Live event at the beginning of September. Previously I have speculated about future archaeologists finding two layers of mud, one with traces of Postscript and PDF, the other with mentions of Flash. But now things seem to have moved on again, though I don't understand how.

Recently I asked a question about PDF on the Cross Media Live LinkedIn page. My impression is that Adobe are no longer much interested in PDF. The release of Acrobat is delayed from Creative Suite when previously it might have been out before as some features were required and they had to be established. In reply I have been toild there will be a release in October and there has been no comment that this is not so.

Adobe will sponsor some of the talks. I don't know if there will be a stand. They appear not to have been at drupa, can't think of anything that was announced there.

I will try to put dates on this later but let's start with Adobe.PDF to include Postscript. This started when Xerox was not very interested and continues now but without much investment or promotion. Macromedia is not often mentioned but is the source of most of the web ideas. I think the cloud continues this. Call it Adobe (FLSH).

This clip explains marketing or whatever is happening now. Omniture bought in the last couple of years. Call it Adobe Analytics.

There is some connection from what Adobe thinks is happening with technology and what later happens with media. The timing is not often as expected. But I think they are concentrating on Adobe Analytics. If so it could be better explained. Postscripot and PDF are open standards. Is there an open source analytics which Adobe can add to?

And if PDF is not worth developing any further then the next stage would be for Acrobat prices to drop. Both Photoshop and Premiere have an Elements version with quite a lot of functionality.  .