What to learn from magazines? #CrossMedia2012

On the LinkedIn group for Cross Media Live I have been commenting on the possibility that the Guardian will move to weekly publication or cease print publication. It has been pointed out that print machinery might not be viable for use once a week, but I don't think this will stop the trends.

Several publishers will be involved in the talks. Ahead of this I am looking on blogs etc to find out what they are doing. Reading the Guardian you just get a fairly short claim that they have the largest combined web and print quality audience in the UK. But which market are they in? Is it a global online market? What to think about UK print? 

Bits I found today-

very interesting stuff based on definite event, B2B mag moves online. Chris Rand writes that "People love print magazines, but not enough to pay for them, especially when they're full of two-week-old news."

On Haymarket what I found was my own blog from a while ago, draft story for OhmyNews. Could Printweek move online? Why not?

Dennis has tried things out for a while but I can still get my hard copy of PC Pro. Long may it continue btw.

Future is the current winner at an awards ceremony

In the most coveted awards of the digital publishing industry, Future was named Best Digital Publisher – Consumer against stiff competition including Mirror Online, Hearst Magazines and Guardian News & Media.
The judging panel said: “From its innovative approach to new launches, significant organic growth to reaching the tipping point where digital revenues offset those from print – Future is the deserving winner!”

The sunshine has started and it is time to relax. But ahead of Cross Media Live I will be looking for some info on what publishers are actually doing. And buying the Guardian on a Monday without expecting very much info about the Guardian itself.