After HMV could the Guardian go bust? What value subscriptions?

I am still surprised how little reporting there is on customer concerns about HMV gift vouchers.

I think most companies linked to print are suspect. Music is just a few years ahead in web terms.

The cost of the print Guardian keeps going up and the value / number of pages for the Media section for example is going down.

Nothing today on HMV as such or whether record company brands were or were not involved in HMV or might be again or whatever.

Just a tease that suggests a story tomorrow on universities facing a similar situation.

"We own the Weekend" may be code for stopping print versions Monday to Friday.

I don't think they intend to explain in print what they really plan for the web. The print audience is just a cash cow till it falls apart.

I probably will risk £1.40 tomorrow for some gossip on universities.

But like book tokens, a newspaper subscription is now a risk too far.