Analogue to Digital , Phonic test idea restated #A2Dexpo #soundcloud

Previous post re Analogue to Digital has proved confusing so here is another go.

The official site is at

but what mainly interests me is how the event can be reported through the Wheely Wild Show and other presentations on Phonic. The Phoenix building is not suited to cable so previous attempts to connect things have failed. But if wifi works on all levels and Phonic has network also then maybe this is worth trying.

There could be direct interviews in sound in the Phoenix Bar and broadcast on FM. Actually a mobile phone might work just as well. As would a video camera with an edit for next week. Oh dear I am going off in speculation, this could end up as confusing as the previous post. anyway I hope to have a clarified version of this idea in time for the Wheely Wild Show this Thursday between 10 and 12, (I may not get there till after 11).

Meanwhile one of the exhibits is Soundcloud, seems to be a social media approach round sound clips.

I have shown the premium link as this is a pro show. You can load directly from a phone but my question is what is added by professional support? I think sound recording should be possible on any budget. Conversation to be continued.