Soundcloud test ok on Wheely Wild show, next Green Man

esterday the test on streaming to live radio went ok I thought. I guest sometimes on the Wheely Wild Show. Ahead of Analogue to Digital this Saturday, where Soundcloud have a stand, I found a track that loaded ok with only a slight pause. JD tells me it would be better to download it and make sure there are no gaps. Also Soundcloud moves on to the next track so you need to fade it out after the one you want. But the integration with Web is quite possible. I notice that Soundcloud has a free offer but also various levels of charge and support. I hope to ask them what the benefits are. It seems a lot of sound technology is available in consumer versions. You can upload direct from a phone. So what is on offer from professional studios?

We also played "You're the Buddha" by Howard Jones. This is available for download from his website. It could be used as part of a video mix. I think this is legit but my question for the panel is what musicians actually think about the reuse of tracks. On Isca Obscura the Vimeo version is Creative Commons so the Beth Gibbons music is included in this. It would be good to know what she thinks about options on a mix.

On a previous Wheely Wild Show we played Gaia by Hum. I think this would fit with the Green Man section of the Isca Obscura images. The mood changes but the original sound stays the same. The Howard Jones track might suit the bright lights on the cathedral front featured by IDAT. This only happened on one evening so was many people missed it. Maybe it will happen again one day.

On Monday Phonic FM will connect with the Green Man in Exeter. Not sure how this will work. But there should be some sound and images. I will report back to the Wheely Wild show on Thursday morning.

The VJ aspect of Animated Exeter could have been further developed. Material from Isca Obscura may fit in to a future mix. This could be a considered video edit or a combination on an occasion.