Analytics action point 2 - non stop dancing

YouTube analytics tells me that there is a lot of interest in James Last - Non-Stop Dancing 1972. Thing is that this is actually the start of a C90 mix tape based on music from a Celebration of Failure by Laura Kikauka at Spacex in Exeter. I think the premise was that the failure is in public taste though it can be rescued or callaged into a gallery. For example disco / pop. There was the space to play discs and I also brought in two of my own. So the six LPs are genuine art relics.

I have added some new clips all called James Last non stop dancing 1972 though with a warning that some of them do not include James Last. Therer are several visual links to a conversation in the Phoenix bar after a New Exeter Radio Show. This includes the artwork and some more explanation

I think it may be time to move on to the '80s. It is a matter of time and distance from direct engagement. A new project could be in a gallery where the music was seen as a bit naff or in a dance environment where the graphics were treated with perhaps less attention than in a gallery. There could be various combinations and locations. I would like to record the conversations. I thought it a wasted chance that there was not some recording of the opening event for the Celebration of Failure.

So link suggestions please. To be continued.