Analytics action point 1 - Sound of the Sirens

See previous post for Adobe on analytics, But YouTube and Google seem easier to follow and makes more sense at the moment. My YouTube channel is described as Rougemont Global Broadcasting. This turns out to be more or less true although it started as a version of a local cable tv station. It could have been a demo of what was possible with local cable. But now  something online is more likely I think. Exeter TV is still a possibility though Jo Gedrych is in Scotland. Maybe something related will happen there.

Butterflies by Sound of the Sirens has over 3000 views. This was from Acoustica a couple of years ago at the Phoenix Exeter. There are other tracks but they are on tape. I still have to edit more that is on disc from the Zi8. Now it is spring in theory I should get out more and take advantage of the light. It was the long winter evenings that suited editing. There is a backlog though waht is there is representative.

I have added two from Sidmouth last year at Dukes. Not sure of the title on one song

So I wonder if they will reach a similar audience. There is a pause at one point but they recover quickly.

The Sound of the Sirens will appear at a Phonic benefit in May. I have started a playlist on YouTube

I think that playlists may be a way to "listen again" to broadcasts on Phonic. Some of these songs will be on the Wild Show on a Thursday morning.