Any High Street, Any Museum where Any = (Exeter, RAMM)

I made a first visit to RAMM for the Any HighStreet show by Volkhardt Muller

It is nowhere near ready yet. There is a triptych or at least the frames for such but only one section ready at the moment. I think this was done in the central library a few months ago. The origins are wood cut but there is some digital tech in the presentation. You have to do your own winding up for the animation to work. The largest projection is from Pastoral as shown in the cells of Exeter Castle a few years ago. This was when Exeter Art Spaces were based there. Transition was a show that used most of the available space including the cells. As the work was scratched on the cell walls it was not possible to remove it. In the RAMM there is also a paper record of some cell walls as found. You can walk round this but not get inside as paper is more fragile than a purpose built cell.

Volkhardt Muller will be at the RAMM on several days starting this Sunday. You can buy for quite small sums a print of a chosen section of carving to print. Obviously no photography is allowed or all the photocopiers in Exeter would be knocking out illegal versions.

But I did have permission to photograph Transition so here is a set from Flickr

I also had a chance to interview Simon Egan about his sound work called Fraud

He even agreed to answer a follow up question on another occasion

I now realise the sound recording is not very good. I will have to try to ask the same questions again, maybe in a studio.