draft design for Wild Show this Thursday and the remakes

It turns out that I may be doing the Wild Show on Phonic FM for the complete two hours both this week and next week - Thursday 10-12. Chris Norton is busy with the Isca Wheelchair Dancers though I think he may turn up at some point. He has asked me to do the first half hour most weeks but I try to concentrate on music. Over two hours there should be more scope for talk.

I started as a guest or rather at an attempt at a YouTube chatshow during Beer At The Castle organiswed by CAMRA. Carl Munson turned up and then invited me back to Phonic. The name of the show has changed, more on this another time.

I have bought three new CDs - Bobby Womack, Neil Young Americana, Beach Boys and I will buy Joss Stone Soul Sessions volume 2 when available. The summer is over or at least it has mostly rained but there will come a time to play the Beach Boys. Americana folk may fit with Sidmouth. Several Joss Stone tracks are on YouTube already so can mix with recent Bobby Womack.

The order can change. I hope my laptop will work ok as well as the CD players but sometimes what can be played depends on the equipment. Probably start with the pop aspect of the Soul Sessions, then more folk and then more dance. I want to talk to JD about 80s music and electronics.

JD also presents an 80s show on Totnes FM. Previously we have discussed the Celebration of Failure by Laura Kikauka at Spacex. Later we found an interview about "irritainment", content that is irritating enough to be entertainment. This is ok but opinions vary about what is irritating. I am a fan of Philadelphia International Records for example, mostly from the 70s. So far JD has told me that the 70s were not up to much, the 80s were a lot better. So we may reach agreement on a sort of celebration of the 80s. This would be based on sound, but also with graphics to suit the club or gallery location ( we exist in a basement studio but imagine where the sound is going) So my question for JD is what happened with electronics to make the 80s so good? Perhaps there will be some clues at the Eclectic Electric festival

Bobby Womack the Bravest Man in the Universe is onto another stage of electronics production. We may not understand this much so please send in comments.

Topics often include what is happening with copyright, CDs the high street etc. We do play directly from YouTube but also buy CDs and hope the Exeter HMV continues with at least some space for them.

Something related is happening with print publishing such as academic journals. I recently got an email about articles from Sage that are available to the public during a conference on Design in Helsinki. This is the 28th Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies. Papers include-  

Constant Connectivity: Rethinking Interruptions at Work 
By J. Wajcman and E. Rose

The Dialectical Sense of Humour: Routine Joking in a Taylorized Factory 
By M. Korczynski 

So we may experiment with the amount of interruption we can cope with. Sometimes we answer the phone and also email. But I may turn this off. Facebook during the week is good, it gives us time to plan.