Apple to buy ITV ? Samsung catchup plan. Heard first on the Wild Show

Several times on the Wild Show / Phonic FM we have talked about Apple buying ITV. they have to do this to get the name. Then it will be called something else. Of course the Wild Show is mostly music so we don't go into detail.

But here is part of a story in the New York Times, found through Good Morning Silicon Valley

The next battle between Apple and Samsung is expected to be in TVs and wearable computers. Despite being labeled a fast follower, Samsung doesn’t appear to be waiting for Apple to make the first move in smarter TVs. Samsung is offering a box that people can buy to upgrade the speed and software of their Samsung TV, similar to the way they would get software upgrades for their phones.
This year, most of the televisions it is selling are Internet-connected and can run apps that help customers find what to watch. That’s something similar to what Apple watchers have been predicting for years from the Cupertino, Calif., company.
Mr. Dediu said that Samsung had made no serious investment in the “cloud,” where content is stored on remote servers and pulled from people’s devices over the Internet. The cloud could play a more crucial role as mobile products shift away from big screens toward wearable devices, like glasses and wrist devices, he said.
But then, the one thing Samsung may have trouble learning is how exactly Apple is going to swerve next.

Apple fans tend to look to the future. Just at the moment TV is more of a reality than a wearable computer. I do have a Samsung Smart TV and rather welcome the lack of a Samsung store trying to lock me in. There are links to many cloud services. There will have to be an iTV unless Apple leaves it too late. Some of us are not super mobile or concentrating on how small a screen can be, especially when eyesight is not improving..