Possible connections through #mtw3 - Design Science and YouTube

This is notes on some possible links through Design Science. This week will be a sort of planning time for the next two weeks of the Wild Show on Phonic FM. I am trying to persuade JD that we could become "Design Science DJs" . There is a YouTube clip on the rise of the science DJ so I don't see why there could not be a Design Science DJ. ( Main danger I see is that JD wants to apply Design Science to how to work as a DJ or rather thinks it won't contribute much as he relies on skill)

YouTube clips start with 

Science 2.0: The Design Science of Collaboration

This is about an hour and a half so you might skip to about 48 minutes in. What kind of science to use in this situation?

(Also sociology students might skip towards the end for answers to questions. The scope of computer science may expand if sociology is regarded as not contributing on some issues)

John Burgoyne has written about Design Science in journals. On YouTube his talk has suggested that a more scientific approach to leadership has a future but there is not much detail about this.

Design Science is also studied in teaching design. Last year Diana Laurillard's book was published - 
Teaching as a Design Science

The Preface ( available to view through the Routledge site ) points out that a time traveller from the 19th century would be astonished that there has been so little change in schools compared with hospitals and other organisations. It may be that Design Science for organisations could suggest some links on this.

The Management Theory at Work Three online versions #mtw3 relates to the Work Foundation where there may well be a Face to Face event at some time. One of the topics for innovation is academic publishing. On the Wild Show we have played some clips from podcasts.  What seems to be happening with online media is that content becomes fragmented as samples or versions are available for free or as promotion. Companies such as Adobe are introducing services for analytics that support this sort of publishing. Design relates to user experience and this could link back to the collaboration ideas in the video above.

Usually I am a contributor to the Wild Show but Chris Norton will be on holiday the 21st and 28th Feb. It is a music show so most of the two hours will be music. (JD also presents the 80s show on Totnes FM, I hope to move him back to the 70s on the 21st and into the 90s on the 28th)  We welcome links and mp3 clips that might fit in ( 10 minutes max before music )

Also there will be a meeting on Design Science and Sustainability at the CQI in London on March 15th. More on this later.