Avatars and fiction as a front for assuming integrated learning and quality

Not really complete fiction, more speculation based on unspecified sources. I started this after the Deming Secrets meeting in London. The Fleet Street avatar Source.Dubious has repeated some remarks that could show there are problematic views from quality professionals about HR and performance targets. This could be interesting if there is conversation about how culture develops inside formal systems, both as QA and HR.

Then this past weekend Steve Shopper reported something on the technical discussion at the Exeter Analogue to Digital Music Expo. There may be a full audio record later but often it takes a while to work out what should be public.


Main problem still is that Twinity has dropped the street views. Either there is no budget for the maps data or the map companies can't work out how to benefit from the exposure. So I can only create new photographs in rooms or public spaces like Twinity reception London. I do have some old ones that could be reworked. More on this later.

There are photos of a walk between Victoria area where the Work Foundation is and London Bridge near where the Chartered Quality Institute finds training locations. So there could be a real life walk with conversation or more collages with avatars. 

Meanwhile I have just checked my post on the Orkut Quality Management group a while ago

Will Pollard Nov 3, 2008
Learning with quality systems, is this obvious?
I have just found this group so the topic may have come up previously.

Is it obvious that learning is a large part of what happens through people in a quality system?

I have tried to get interest in quality theory from people who study management learning. In the UK the people who know about learning tend to have a critical opinion about quality. Perhaps their experience in UK universities has not been pleasant. See "Making Quality Critical" by Wilkinson and Wilmott for example.

So far there has not been much UK academic interest in relating quality theory to researching learning organisations. Peter Senge recognises the connections, see his mentions for Dr Deming in the update for The Fifth Discipline.

My guess is that for most practitioners the links between learning and quality are obvious. Maybe academics just have to be organised in disciplines. Maybe it is just an issue in the UK. 

Comment welcome.

There has been no comment on this since Nov 2008. Many on the group seem to be from India and Brazil where ISO certification is growing. But I don't think the acceptance of quality as something to study has changed much in the UK though this may be discussed during #mtw3 online or at the meeting looking back on 30 years of the Management Learning MA at Lancaster.

There will also be a meeting to study Deming Secrets as an event. This is sort of open but assumes prior knowledge of MoSO so far. More detail on request.

My idea is to imagine less about location and do more work on avatars and collage. This phase will change sometime, probably around September should there be a face to face #mtw3.