RGB versus Twinity Dance

"versus" is some form of relation, I think.

RGB is Rougemont Global Broadcasting, about to enter a new phase of links as well as a YouTube channel. The scope includes technology and theory. I think Twinity can help as a way of basing a studio for continuity. The avatars are gradually taking over for comment and speculation.

But as well as the budget issues around street locations there is also the trend that the Twinity focus seems to be on dance. It may be getting out of proportion. Don't get me wrong, every channel needs some dance. So far I have not persuaded many academics to visit Twinity or the Work Foundation to invest in a full replica building ( when central London returns it might be worth another look, there are few conference locations inside the scope).

Last weekend I did some video in the Phoenix bar during Analog2Digital. More on this later. Mostly performance but there will be some technology when I can understand it. It may be interesting to try out the avatars on this.