Avatars on the agenda for #mosocoop group approach on a Model of Sustainable Organisation

I was recently at a meeting of the group working on MoSO, an update on Deming thinking. There is a lot of material mostly in PDF files with a website to connect and explain. The site is hosted by the Chartered Quality Institute.

The group works in a co-operative way and wants to reach an audience wider than the professionals already working on quality. The use of "MoSO co-operative" will be promoted as well as the Deming SIG of the CQI which is bit too long for some situations.

There was also discussion on how to produce video from events given that sometimes remarks might not be suitable to be made public. A balance is required between a full discussion and a public record. Video records of events can fairly quickly extend the audience for an event but it may be that avatars and slight fiction would best suit the role of linking and presenting some actual clips.

This was good news for Linda Shelton who visited with an update on #mtw3, the third conference on Management Theory at Work and Source Dubious the gossip blogger from Fleet Street in Twinity. 

#mosocoop also finds several videos already on YouTube.