Avid Studio on iPad is this price real, any examples out there? #a2d #a2dmusicexpo


Checking out some notes from yesterday at the Analog 2 Digital event in Exeter Phoenix.

I still think video should be of more interest. As I understand it, Sound on Sound got feedback that too much detail on video production was not of great interest for the readers. Simpler cameras are being used for YouTube etc. And Avid had very little displayed about video. They did tell me though that Avid is available as well as Pinnacle at consumer level sort of prices. So the Avid option is a bit more than Studio but not outside what a lot of software costs.

Online I also discovered there is an Avid for iPad. The costs seems to be about five US dollars. Is it any good? Is there an example somewhere?

The resolution on the recent iPad seems way over the top for UK bandwidth. But maybe things will change. If you could record and edit and load to cloud in the time it took to drink a cup of coffee then cafe society would reach a new level. 

By the way, if Sound on Sound readers are happy with low level tech for video will they also consider other options for sound? iPad options and cloud services may have a role.