Exeter High Street in a global cloud context @A2DMusicExpo

This a note ahead of A2D tomorrow.

Sound is the most advanced form of media as a web enabled scene.

Video still requires a lot of bandwidth. Books or text / graphics is ok for bandwidth but still with a lot of changes to come in structures and accepted practice.

The new university Forum is designed without a bookshop. This seems odd at the moment but maybe there is a point to this. (see previous posts)

I don't know when phone cameras will be both ok as good enough for YouTube and linked to wifi for upload the same day. On the Wild Show we have recently found it possible to load mp3 from a Zi8 within a week via an SD card. Things can only get better.

eBooks are moving. WH Smith stocking Kobo. Sony now has a store, maybe why Waterstones has no hardware from Sony. Online rumor they will deal with Barnes and Noble.

Exeter High Street just one example of somewhere near a cloud but seems to have enough options to indicate what's going on.

Probable sequence - sound, video, txt fiction, academic journals.