BETT / InfoLab 21 Next destination for imagined walk

It turns out that Lancaster University Network Services (LUNS) will have a stand at BETT in January. They are based at InfoLab 21 so things are fitting together a bit in reality or something like it. This blog is still intended to use the photos of Lancaster campus as a set to link in other events in time and place. But sometimes the overlap is more credible.

Stand P26 is on the balcony in the larger hall on the wall at the end nearest the railway station. It is at the end going towards the other hall. 

Products include Moodle so there may be information on other open source stands. This is a bit unclear at the moment.

BETT claims to be the largest educational technology show in the world. It is also the most comprehensive UK technology show of any kind. Most computer shows are now very niche. This will be a rare chance to compare e-books, laptops, netbooks etc from Sony, Samsung. etc. Adobe will present the full range of software.

Not many phones though and no Apple. So apps may have to be remembered from another event.