#coldcomfort at #Spacex, photo mix in real space and online

Spacex features a snow themed sequence of sets till Dec 18th. They are not claiming image rights on the photos you take for yourself using their backdrop and costumes. I have also included the yurt, the snow projection, and the flask of hot chocolate.


The idea is to create gifts over the next week using the resources available. Has the spirit of DIY taken over in Exeter? I have also tried out some photoshop uses of the backdrop. It works ok but I think others could do better. So far Stripey has turned up to add some musicChris Norton has reported live for Phonic FM. And Stephen Bateman and Scott Gould from #likeminds have dropped by to advise on social media. The Spacex Facebook site is at Facebook / spacexgallery . Actually I made this up but Stripey is at Fuel on North Street this Saturday so might make it as far as Spacex. Chris Norton may mention Cold Comfort during the Wheely Wild show on Thursday morning. Sometime ago JD discussed the use of social media to expand the reach of galleries. Not sure how this will work out but worth following.