Buckmaster Fuller Radio 4 still online, #designscience #mtw3 #mosocoop #oldsmooc

I have been sent a link to Radio 4 program on Buckmaster Fuller. I missed it when broadcast but it will be on the iPlayer for a while.

This is very interesting for inspiration and sustainability background. But there is not much on Design Science, the only remark seems to include this with the most strange ideas, as represented on this program.

I think we will come back to this in a future Wild Show on Phonic FM. So far there has been no objection to quoting short sections from the Today program. we don't do it too often, just when they fit in and we can add somnething through comment or relating to other items. 

Radio continues as live broadcasting but I think the online listen again is gaining in proportion of how people listen.

The clips we recorded are on YouTube with Creative Commons attribution. So we hope they could be repeated on other broadcasts if we are told about it. chris Norton is back from holiday this week so the Wild Show will return to mostly music, but there may be another look at the Design Science DJ later in the year.